Salted Fish Chutney (Satini Pwason Sale)

by - 10:33


1 Kg Salted fish (preferable the thick flesh ones)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 large red onions sliced
5 red and green chillies chopped (optional) 
Fresh Parsley, thyme and spring onions chopped
2 Fresh lemons juiced
5 Bilimbi chopped
1 tbsp white vinegar


Boil and clean the salted fish removing scales and bones
Pound the flesh using a mortar and pestle until it is fine 
Place a large skillet with 2 tbsp of olive oil to heat
Mix the onions, chili (optional), herbs, bilenbi together with the salted fish and place in hot skilet
Stir fry the mixture, adding the lemon juice or vinegar and salt/pepper to taste
After 6 minutes turn off heat.

Can be served with steamed rice and lentil.

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